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Group Vision

It is our vision to see the communities that we work in continue to grow and improve while still remaining affordable for the residents to continue living there.

We would like to be able to create jobs in these neighborhoods and promote growth. In times of distress, we would like to help people though their struggles and provide them with opportunities to help liquidate their assets and be able to find alternative housing options for them that allow them to remain in their communities as opposed to moving away.

Our mission is to assist and cater to the working class families who deserve respectable housing at affordable prices so that they can continue to grow in their current neighborhoods while continuing to be pillars in the local community.

We have built our company on strong work ethic and ethical business practices, and it is those principles that we pride ourselves on.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us



VDR Development Group strives to consistently show the best quality craftsmanship in all of their endevours



VDR Development Group has shown time and time again their ability to turn an average property into a stunning property



Through strong and meaningful partnerships, VDR Development Group looks to improve the community around them through a variety of channels

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