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Clean Up Your Act Before Mother’s Day!

Being a mother is not an easy job, and as Mother’s Day approaches, it’s a good time to say thank you to your mom for all the sacrifices she made for you and for her endless patience.

As you get older, you realize how wise your mom is and that her tips can really help you, especially when it comes to taking care of your home.

It’s interesting to realize how applicable some of her advice is to different areas of your life, including taking care of your HVAC system.

No Fire in the House

dontdothatWho didn’t try to burn a plastic action figure in their room or make an authentic campfire in the backyard? Most kids have and most moms respond in the same way: “no fires in the house!”

While you might not be burning action figures anymore, as adults it’s easy to forget about this rule and to find yourself burning things in your house or yard.

Not only does this increase the risk of a home fire, but it can also put dangerous fumes in the air, decrease the air quality in and around your home and put an additional strain on your HVAC system. So, the next time you’re getting the matches out, make sure you listen to your mother’s voice in your head and don’t burn anything in the house!

The Benefits of Gardening

gardeningWe all know that moms love gardens, plants and flowers, but did you know how much a garden or green plants can help purify the air in and around your home?

No wonder mom was so obsessed with her garden! Once again, it seems like mom was right and a garden is a good idea.

Having a garden and plants near your home helps to improve the air quality while at the same time taking some of the pressure off of your air filters. So, get your gardening tools ready and start working on your green thumb.

Vacuuming is Important

vacuumfloorYou’ve heard this before, right? Or maybe, “have you vacuumed?” And sometimes just a, “vacuum the floor!” As a kid, no one wanted to hear this from mom, and, admittedly, many of us try to avoid this chore as an adult.

However, the simple act of vacuuming can help to increase the air quality in your house by eliminating dangerous pollutants and toxins from the air. Vacuuming regularly can be especially important if you have family members that suffer from allergies or asthma.

Plus, by removing pollutants from the air, vacuuming helps to reduce the stress on your HVAC system and air filters. So, as much as you might not like it, mom was right: vacuuming is important. And if you want that extra boost of clean air - get a washable air filter - mom will appreciate the initiative in savings!

This Mother’s Day, make sure that you thank your mom for all that she has done for you and give her a big hug. And, don’t forget to tell her how much her advice is helping to keep your air clean and your HVAC system running smoothly.

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