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Expert Vactoring Services in Southeast Missouri

For all your vactoring needs, including hydro excavating and catch basin cleaning, Dutch Enterprises is here to help!

The infrastructure under and around your municipal or commercial property is key for averting damage and discomfort. Whether it’s an overflowing storm drain, clogged sewer lines, or underground installation gone awry, vactoring services can help. A hydrovac truck has a multitude of purposes, but it can mainly be an asset to your property. At Dutch Enterprises, we offer a range of vactoring services for many situations. Need to locate underground utilities before digging for a pool? Pot Holing can help. Tired of water overflowing around your home during heavy rains? Water catch basin cleaning can leverage your storm drains once again. Our goal is to offer you reliable solutions to improve your comfort - and we’ve been doing it successfully since 1962!

We also offer a full range of plumbing services for both our commercial and residential customers, improving your comfort with every service call.

How is Hydro Excavating Done?

One of the largest expenses that stem from any construction or plumbing repair is excavation. Not only is the machinery expensive, but before long you’ll have piles of debris around your property. Hydro excavating offers a more accurate and clean alternative that you can use for locating utilities, sewer line repairs, or trench excavating.

Hydro excavation combines highly pressurized water with a powerful commercial-grade vacuum that allows a contractor to easily excavate while keeping the area clean. The pressurized water is used for blasting through soil and rock, and then the vacuum removes the debris and leaves it in a tank that can easily be removed from the site.

Hydro excavation has become a popular choice because of its accuracy and efficiency. Instead of damaging your landscaping, driveway, and general property aesthetic, our plumbers are able to remove only what’s necessary to get the job done.

The Benefits of Potholing

Potholing is similar to hydro excavating in its use of pressurized water, but it’s applications vary. Generally, potholing is used to locate utilities before any construction starts in a specific area. It offers plumbers and contractors an opportunity to analyze the orientation, size, depth, and location of things like electrical lines and sewer pipes, without the need to remove large areas of dirt. It has plenty of benefits, which has made it a popular choice among construction experts, including:

  • Safe for Utilities: Unlike traditional utility location methods, which were essentially excavation, potholing allows for more accurate results without accidentally damaging and plumbing or utility lines.
  • Accurate Results: The more information you have for a given area, the more accurate your results can be in terms of repairs or installations.
  • Convenient: Without the need for massive machinery, mounds of dirt and debris, and overall mess, potholing is simple and fast to complete.

Potholing can also be used for other, simpler projects, including pole hole installations, in the event you’re looking for commercial lighting or adding electrical lines around your property. At Dutch Enterprises, we have years of experience and the machinery needed to quickly and accurately perform potholing.

When Should You Consider Sewer Jetting

The sewer lines in and out of your property are essential for your comfort and sanitary needs. If they’re clogged in any way, it can stop the flow of water and also strain your plumbing. While most clogging issues can be resolved with standard drain cleaning methods, in some cases a stronger solution is needed.

Sewer jetting uses highly pressurized water to effectively clean your entire pipe without damaging it, and it’s a top solution for cleaning debris like:

  • Invasive tree roots
  • Grease buildup
  • Hard water scale
  • Construction debris
  • Dirt or mud

At Dutch Enterprises we make sewer jetting simple with our mobile vactor trucks. These trucks have all the equipment needed to not only perform the sewer jetting, but also to inspect your plumbing to ensure that we’ve located the source of the problem, and effectively removed the blockage.

Expert Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch basins, or storm drains, are an essential component of the infrastructure around your property. When heavy rains or storms roll through, they help get debris and water off the streets. While smaller items can easily process through to your sewer lines, larger items remain in your catch basins. This is why regular catch basin cleaning is needed to protect your property. How do you know when it’s time for cleaning? Consider the following:

  • Flooding: When you drive through a flooded neighborhood or parking lot, chances are a catch basin is to blame. While smaller items do flow through the basin, larger items like tree branches and palms can all remain trapped. Eventually, they’ll stop the water flow, making flooding a more common issue.
  • Foul Odors: Your catch basin is responsible for “catching” debris, and sometimes that debris can deteriorate or decompose, and leave you with a foul smell. While it may be an uncomfortable situation, it can easily be solved with a pumping.
  • Damage to Grates: Above the catch basin, your storm drains also help prevent certain items from making their way into the basin. If they’re damaged because of construction or roadway usage, they need to be addressed quickly. The more debris that flows into your catch basin, the more often it needs to be cleaned.
  • Preventive Care: While you can wait until your catch basin is at capacity, it’s always a better idea to schedule catch basin cleaning regularly. For areas that get heavy rains, it’s a good idea to have a cleaning done every quarter.

At Dutch Enterprises, we make the entire water catch basin cleaning process simple. With one call, we’ll be at your property with our vactor trucks, and have your basins emptied and ready for use in no time!

We work hard to offer top-quality services with versatile applications. Be sure to visit our reviews page to see what our happy customers have to say about our work.

Your Vactoring Experts!

Vactoring services are a versatile way to take care of many of the issues in your municipal or commercial property. The underground infrastructure for your property is essential, and without the proper tools, it can be difficult to access. While in the past, damaging excavations were needed to resolve many of your issues, vactoring services now make service more accurate, while remaining minimally invasive.

At Dutch Enterprises, we have hydrovac trucks on call and ready to help with a myriad of solutions. Whether you’re locating utilities before starting a construction project, cleaning out sewer lines that are creating slow drainage in your home, or simply need to keep the storm grates from clogging, we have a top-quality service for you. Our technicians are highly trained and skilled in these processes, keeping your home safe no matter the scale of the project. If you want to know more about how our vactoring services can benefit your property, call us today!

When you need accurate underground repairs and want to avoid the need for excavation - vactoring services can help. Call Dutch Enterprises at (573) 352-3744 and find out how we can help with utility locating, sewer line cleaning, and more!

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We charge by the job not by the hour, so you’ll always know what to expect before any work begins.

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