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Flee From Allergies This Spring!

It’s the time of the year when winter relinquishes its icy reign to warm spring. Barren landscapes will burst forth with new life, but with that will come an increase in pollen, mold, and dust, and with them an onslaught of allergies for many unfortunate people. What can you do to prepare yourself?

Many companies similar to us will only focus on your HVAC system, but here at Dutch Enterprises, we also focus on people who own these systems. In this post, we want to share a few tips with you about how to avoid issues commonly caused by dust and dust mites, in order for your air quality to be top notch.

Allergies: Like a Chronic Cold

healthissuesNobody likes having a cold and suffering from symptoms like a stuffy or runny nose, difficulty breathing, a sinus headache, watery eyes, and repeated sneezing. These same symptoms are often endured continually by people with allergies to dust or dust mites.

Having allergies is like having a cold that just won’t go away. It’s hell for a lot of people since they still need to go to work and go about their everyday lives while dealing with these annoying symptoms.

Preventative Measures: Duct Cleaning

To help with allergies, people sometimes take antihistamines, corticosteroid nasal sprays, decongestants, and eye drops to help alleviate allergy symptoms. These can be over-the-counter medications or sometimes they will be prescribed by a doctor.

However, allergies can also be improved by preventative measures, such as a clean home. Dust in general, like what you see on your furniture, can cause allergies. Dust mites can also cause allergies. Dust mites are microscopic little creatures you can’t see that usually live in your carpets, curtains, and bedding.

The mites themselves aren’t what cause allergies--it’s actually their waste particles, which can be as high as 100,000 particles per gram of dust! These waste particles are combined with their own dead body fragments. Depending on your living situation, to help control allergies there are several things you can do, such as:

  • Dust and vacuum regularly.
  • Reduce the number of rugs in your home.
  • Wash bedding in hot water.
  • Only purchase stuffed animals that can be washed.
  • Switch from fabric furniture to leather or vinyl furniture.
  • Use allergy encasings for your bedding.
  • Reduce the amount of clutter in your home.
  • Research the most effective dusting techniques and vacuums.

While many of these preventative measures are up to you, there are preventative measures that Dutch Enterprises can assist you with in order to make sure your cleaning isn’t in vain. We can help inspect and ensure your air ducts are clean and not caked with dust, particularly if your HVAC system is a few years old.

We also can check if your HVAC system is working as efficiently as it should because if it isn’t, air won’t be properly filtered, which allows extra dust and allergens into your home’s air and surfaces.

If your HVAC system hasn’t been cleaned and serviced by a professional in a long time, there’s also the risk that it might be hosting microorganisms, mold, mildew, germs, or even cockroach and rodent feces--all things you don’t want contaminating your HVAC system or your home.

Call For Professional Services

airfilterMany people can put up with mild to moderate allergies or cover some of the symptoms with medication. But there’s the risk that some people, especially elderly people or children, could develop serious health issues or need more frequent medical assistance due to allergens in the home.

For example, dust mites can be a trigger for someone suffering from asthma. Home can become a health risk for people with lung disease unless proper measures are taken. HVAC pros can help minimize some of these problems by ensuring you’re changing air filters regularly enough, checking if your system is fully filtering the air, and offering other solutions and products in cases health issues warrant more drastic measures.

Creating a Safe Haven in Your Home

breatheeasyAlthough having a clean house is work, having clean air doesn’t need to be excessive work for you. Making sure you have clean air ducts and a well-maintained HVAC system can allow you to feel at ease about your air quality.

Here at Dutch Enterprises, we also offer other solutions that can ensure your job becomes easier, such as dehumidifiers to reduce allergies and mold, and UV air sanitizers to reduce airborne contaminants.

Your home should be the place you can feel the most comfortable at the end of the day, and we can help you attain that goal. Dutch Enterprises is ready to go above and beyond to make your home the safe haven that you deserve!

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