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Heating Technologies For Every Type of Home

With all the technological advances of today, we are able to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors with just the flip of a switch (or by the clapping of the hands). We have created sophisticated heating systems that can keep us warm through even the coldest winters. There are heating systems for every kind of residence and business. They provide us with warmth and protection from health factors generally associated with high humidity, indoor pollution, and high energy costs.

Climate, location, and size of your home are just some of the elements to consider when selecting a type of heating technology that will fit your home and your personal needs. Today's modern heating services like geothermal heating, solar heating, and heat pumps are just a few of the more progressive ways to heat a home today.

Solar Heating

Solar heating refers to a system that uses solar energy to heat a fluid. Solar heat is sent indoors or is stored for later use. This type of heating technology uses concentrated heat energy from the sun that is found on your rooftop.

A fan installed on the roof is used to draw warm air from the roof to sends through filters before circulating it throughout the house. It uses a tiny amount of electricity making it very affordable and efficient. If you have the mind of a conservationist, this is the heating system you'll be proud of.

Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating describes a process that extracts heat from the core of the Earth to provide heating and cooling. It uses much less electricity than standard systems so you can save a bundle on your heating bill. Another benefit of geothermal heat is they will last more than fifty years, probably longer than you'll live in the home.

A geothermal heat pump will use the Earth's heat to warm your home in the winter, and transfer extracted heat from the house back to the cooler earth in the summer.
Many homes use geothermal water from the center of the Earth for heating and in greenhouses for growing plants.

Heat Pumps

Depending on the season, heat pumps carry warm air from where it's needed or where it's not. In cold temperatures, a heat pump pulls in outdoor heat and transfers it indoors. In warm temperatures, it does the opposite, acting more like an air conditioner.
A benefit of heat pumps is that they move heat, they don’t generate it. This makes them very cost effective, coupled with the fact that they are powered by electricity. Heat pumps provide heating and cooling that is more affordable than the traditional heating or cooling appliances.

Oil Heating

Oil heating refers to the use of liquid petroleum as a source of fuel. It begins inside a fire chamber where oil is kindled. A heat exchanger then heats the gases passing through the components of the heating system. Heat is taken from the home and transported through the heat exchanger causing warm air to move through ducts in the home to be distributed throughout the house.

Gas Heating

Gas heating offers a reliable way to heat homes and businesses. Heating efficiency is about half of what electric heating costs. Natural gas is delivered from a forced-air system at high temperatures. Using gas appliances can reduce energy costs and may utility providers offer rebates for additional savings. From hi-tech heating systems to moderately priced ones, gas heating meets the minimum efficiency criteria.

Electric Heating

A heating system that is suitable for milder climates is electric heating. This type of heating uses electricity as the fuel source, is very resilient and requires very little maintenance. An electric heat pump offers excellent energy efficiency. They do double duty by providing cooling and heating. Electric heating systems can be installed anywhere there is appropriate space and maintenance is easy.

Call the experts at Dutch Enterprises in Jackson, MO to get expert advice regarding the various heating technologies and which one is suitable for your home.

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