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Keeping Things Cool This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is all about heat. In fact, there are two kinds of Valentine's Day heat you could face this year. There's the heat of that hot date you've been searching for, play your cards right and who knows where the night will lead - or the heat of a home with no cooling.

While we always prefer the former, it’s common for homeowners to find themselves dealing with the latter. There’s nothing worse than coming home to no cool air - particularly when you have a date. So, protect your home and your love life with some quality care for your central HVAC system.

Keep Comfortable All Year With Central HVAC

centralhvacWe realize it's February and you're not thinking about AC right now, but some days are warmer than others, one central HVAC system will ensure that you're comfortable no matter what temperatures you encounter.

Having a system that warms and cools your space means you can set your thermostat one time and forget about the rest, and that's a good feeling.

Depending on the weather conditions, your system will fire up your furnace, or get your central air compressor running and keep your home at the ideal temperature for you to stay nice and cozy.

Our Heating Services Are There All The Time

heatingservicesDevices are so insensitive. Your HVAC system doesn't care if it's February 14th or not. It could go out at any time and leave you vulnerable to the elements.

Fortunately, we aren't so insensitive. We'll offer you cooling and heating services no matter how inconvenient the day. That means you can get your home back to the perfect temperature for your big date, and she'll never know the difference.

We answer our phones during standard business hours and offer emergency services outside normal business hours so you always have the help you need. If you have a problem, give us a call and you'll get the help you need fast.

Lovingly Replace Your AC Filter

acfilterHave you ever heard the saying that to get love, you have to give it? This is excellent advice for relationships, but it's also useful to remember for your heating and cooling system.

Lovingly maintain and clean your system, and change out its filter regularly, and it will reward you with a long and reliable operating life.

Neglect the system and it's going to snap at you with fits and unpredictable breakdowns that will leave you out in the cold, literally! You should swap your filter once every month or two and keep your system running smoothly year-round. It's a simple task, but an important one.

If that wine's starting to kick in and make you hot and just a bit uncomfortable, crank your thermostat down a few degrees and stay comfortable courtesy of your cooling system. Don't worry about the cost, it's a special occasion!

Humor aside, if you have trouble with your central HVAC system, we're always available to help. If you live in Jackson or surrounding areas, visit our website, or give us a call at (573) 352-3744 and get your system the care it deserves.

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