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Prioritize the Permit for Your Home Plumbing Project

If you are keen to increase the value of your Jackson, MO home, did you know that kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling will generally give you the best bang for your buck?

Not only will you potentially improve your kitchen and your bathroom’s usability, as well as your own enjoyment of these spaces, if renovations are done correctly, you will also find that your home could be worth more when you are done.

However, if you cut corners, you run the risk of work being done incorrectly and accruing potential hazards and costs that may very well blow your budget. The best way to safeguard against these issues is to make sure that you investigate and get all the right permits before your job even begins.

Licensed Professionals Require Permits

“noprofessional”Home renovations, especially when there is plumbing involved, are far too big of jobs to leave up to just anyone. The best way to ensure that you've got high-quality work that meets (or even exceeds) industry standards is to work with a licensed professional.

Licensed professionals must go through rigorous testing and certification, which involves adhering to code on each and every job. That means following the permit process.

In choosing to work with a licensed professional and following the permit process, not only will you get more reliable work, you will have peace of mind because licensed professionals are accountable for their work.

Potential Costs

“penaltyfine”Budgets have a way of getting out of control when you are doing home renovations, but the small cost of a permit isn't the place to find savings within a budget.

Consider the cost of a permit as an investment against the potential future costs you might face if you do unpermitted work.

Unpermitted work could result in fines if it is discovered down the road (like during a property inspection when you sell your home).

In addition to the penalties, you might have to re-do the entire job, mounting costs even more. Why not avoid all of this and get the right permits? If there is a problem, you can fix it at the outset, when it is more cost-effective.

You're Putting Your Family and House at Risk Without a Permit

“safetystandards”If you don't have a permit, there aren't any checks and balances around the renovation work. Work that isn't done correctly could get missed, which means that your home is at greater risk for all kinds of damage, which is not only costly, but it can also be very dangerous.

The only way to ensure that a job will be done right the first time is to work with a licensed professional who follows the permitting process.

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