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Top Reasons why Water is Leaking in Your House

Do you think that you might have a water leak on your hands? Some common signs include pooling water, rust, peeling paint or wallpaper, mold growth or an unexplained increase in your water bills. If any of these are ringing true, give your plumber a call to come in and do water leak detection to get to the bottom of your problem.

Moving forward, there are a number of ways that you can keep leaks from reoccurring. That is because most water leaks are traceable back to a handful of reasons. You can identify if these factors are present in your home and take care to make changes as needed.

Rusty Pipes

corrosionrustIf you’ve got copper pipes and a high concentration of some minerals in your water, you could have the perfect environment to create rust in your pipes. As these minerals react with the copper pipes, rust forms and breaks down the plumbing.

Decay happens, followed by leaks. To avoid this problem, replace copper pipes with PVC, which stands up better to rust.

Also be sure to flush your pipes out often and keep the water at a cooling temperature. Standing, hot water is sure to accelerate the rust process.

Water Pressure Set too High

Water PressureThere is nothing better than a strong, hot shower, but that same pressure could be wreaking havoc on your plumbing.

Make a point of checking the pressure on a regular basis. It needs to be in the “safe zone,” which is from about 45-65 psi.

This should give you enough of a spray to have a comfortable shower and for other uses around your house, without doing damage to your plumbing and requiring you to have water leak repair.

olderpipesPipes are Old

Like many other parts of your home, as your plumbing ages, it begins to break down and decay. As the pipes begin to fall apart, leaks happen.

How old is your home? Could this be the reason behind your water leaks? It could be a worthwhile investment at this point to replace older plumbing to avoid water leak problems in the future.

Low Water Quality

waterqualityIf your water quality is subpar, not only is that negatively impacting your drinking water, it can be affecting your plumbing too. Those impurities bind to your pipes and cause them to break down and leak.

To keep this from happening, install a water purification system to remove these undesirable substances.

When it comes to your plumbing, staying on guard against factors that cause damage can help you avoid needing water leak repair.

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