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Replace or Repair? Explore Your Options

You may think you still have five years left on that washing machine, but the plumbing is telling a very different story. If what’s attached to your plumbing isn’t working right, you can guess it’s going to mess up your whole plumbing system.

No need to come home to a leaky disaster. Repairs can get pricey and annoying. Opting to repipe the plumbing entirely may be the answer. Read on to find out when is the right time to do so.

The Water Heater

Replace or Repair? That can be a tough question to answer for homeowners. If the water heater is still under warranty, maybe a small repair will do.

However, if it is outside of its warranty, it may be time to call it quits. If you notice the pilot light constantly going out or that hot shower doesn’t stay as hot as long as it should, time to replace.

Repairing sounds easier and certainly cheaper, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case if you have an old water heater that doesn’t run well. You will be spending more money on repairs that you could have invested in a brand new water heater that works.

Your Kitchen Sink Might Need Replacement

If your sink is so old you have permanent water spots; it may be time to replace it.

Whether they are porcelain or stainless steel, sinks can rust and eventually leaks can occur.

If you notice rust or leaking from your faucet area, you might want to consider a new sink.

Replacing the Shower Top

If you’re not paying attention to your shower top, you should be. Over time, sediment can form in the pipes and around your shower head.

This is mineral buildup, typically calcium, that comes from heavily treated water. With the sediment also comes rust and leaks. Your best option to avoid those problems is to replace your shower top at least once per year.

Don’t Forget Your Washing Machine

If the washing machine breaks down, it can be a huge pain, especially if it happens mid-cycle. Repairs can be costly and inconvenient.

There are ways to tell if your washer is going to give out on you. Here is a list of signs your washer is about to retire:

1. It leaks
2. It shakes or moves when you use it
3. It makes a lot of noise when in use
4. Water doesn’t fill the drum
5. It’s ten years old or more

If you can relate to any of these signs, it may be time to go shopping before it’s too late.

Well now you are in the know when it comes to replacement of your home appliances. Repairing it isn't always the answer. Buying new gives you something that is totally intact, comes with a warranty and ultimately gives you peace of mind.

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