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Surprising Tankless Water Heater Benefits

If you want to add a fair amount of value to your home or upgrade an appliance to make your life easier, you may want to consider a tankless water heater. Traditional water heaters have been the choice for many years because they are quite functional, but they do have their issues.

Tankless water heaters can address those problems but most people don’t give these systems a second thought because they don’t know enough about them. We are going to take a look at the three biggest benefits of choosing a tankless water heater to help make your next bathroom upgrade a breeze!

Save Energy With Every Use

conservationOne of the main benefits of a tankless water heater is its water conservation and energy savings.

Unlike traditional water heaters, which heat water continuously throughout the day, a tankless water heater only heats on demand.

What does this mean? When you open a fixture for hot water, your tankless water heater works to heat that water directly. This cuts down on the energy needed to keep water at a specific temperature throughout the day.

This is also an environmentally friendly solution too! With less water used on a daily basis, you’re cutting down on your water usage without sacrificing your comfort. This energy saving could also translate into money savings on your monthly utilities costs.

The Cost of a Water Heater

Although a tankless water heater costs more than a traditional water heater, in the long-run, a tankless unit will help you save more. How? Their area few key elements where a tankless unit outranks your traditional system, and they include:

  • costFewer Repairs: A common issue with a traditional water heater is the wear and tear it undergoes over the years. Because it’s in constant contact with water, it can rust out and leak. This is often the reasons why water heater repairs are needed so frequently. A tankless unit requires considerably fewer repairs, helping you save over the years.
  • Longer Lifespan: In addition to fewer repairs, a tankless water heater lasts longer than your standard unit. While a traditional water heater can last anywhere from 10-12 years, a tankless unit can last more than 15 years!
  • Added Property Value: Investing in a tankless water heater can add serious value to your home. In the event you plan on selling or renting your home, it could be an attractive point to your potential customer.
  • Better Performance: When it comes right down to it, a tankless water heater gives you better performance over your standard unit. You get access to a limitless supply of hot water that’ll keep you comfortable and happy in your home.

Although tankless water heaters require a larger initial investment, they can be a great asset for your home and comfort.

They’re Also Space Saving Too!

spaceWhile they offer great performance, tankless water heaters are also much smaller than your traditional water heater. Instead of taking up an entire closet, your tankless unit can be installed in a fraction of the space.

This not only adds to the convenience but also gives homeowners the opportunity to add some square footage to your home. Whether it’s for added storage like a linen closet or a unique display in your home, the options are limitless.

So if you’re considering upgrading your water heater, take the time to do some research. An informed design is always the best, and Dutch Enterprises is here to help. We are your Jackson, MO plumbing experts and can help you with all your water heater installation needs.

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